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Annual Tree & Shrub Care Program

Annual Tree & Shrub Care Program

For generations, we have stripped the land of rich, natural topsoil, trees, and vegetative growth to build our homes and businesses.  We created laws for planting standards regulated by the state, municipalities, and HOAs.  We attempt to restore this balance by design and to the equivalence of nature.  We pick out plants from nurseries and big box stores or hire professional landscapers.  In most cases, we end up with non-native species and poor plant placement (poor soil, improper spacing or location due to plant growth or soil requirements - acidic or alkaline, etc.).  We amend the soil in the planting holes, or we amend the entire bed areas. When plants get sick, don’t bloom, or die, we wonder why.  After all, we amended the soil, fertilized and watered.  We paid a lot of money!  Herein lies the problem. 

Amendments DO NOT support sustainability or last for the life of the plant.  They are actually short-lived.  As the plants try to grow outside of the amendment area, their root systems meet the inhospitable wall of stripped native soil.  This soil barrier causes the plants roots to grow inward toward the amended area, becoming root bound.  What we have been cultivating is an environment that is not sustainable, and does not provide plants the natural diversity they have survived in since the dawn of time. We are creating a world of weak and diseased plants unable to defend themselves as they would in nature where they have expansive root systems supported by a rich living ecosystem.  We can’t expect plants in our landscape to thrive just because we pay for them or pay a professional to install them. 

Plants have a predetermined genetic cycle of life and require a healthy ecosystem and natural microclimates to flourish.  When we cage animals in a zoo, we attempt to maximize their natural environment.  The zookeeper works tirelessly to create balance so that animals may live their lives in a man made world just for our enjoyment. We do the same when we create “plant scapes” around our homes and businesses.  With plants, however, we tend to forget that they are complex living organisms. We cultivate them, cage them in containers or take them from the wild, and bring them home to plant.  We expect some water and fertilizer will provide all they need to survive and flourish, but that is very far from the truth. We, as a modern civilization, destroy the ecosystem. We feed plants with synthetic chemical fertilizers (steroids). We choose to change their natural, historical cycle of life with manmade synthetic fertilizers. The plants look wonderful for a while, but soon lose their health and beauty due to the unsustainable environment we have created.


 There will be times based on weather conditions or original planting conditions that may require more treatments for soil health or nutrition.  You can apply our PCO treatments every month until conditions improve and then return to our recommended schedule.  Apply Growzilla™ as a soil treatment.  Clear 90 can be applied as a foliar treatment when daytime temperatures stay below 80 degrees.  Clear 90 can also be applied lightly to soil year round when temperatures are below 85 degrees. Both products can be applied at the same time.

Product Application:

  1. GROWZILLA™: Apply Growzilla™ as a ground treatment throughout the complete root zone: 1/3 past the overall length of the plants limbs (canopy). Apply at recommended rates and soak mulches until completely wet so the treatments reach the soil.  Each 32oz. hose end spray will cover up to 4,000 sq. ft. when used as a soaking treatment.  *SEE VIDEO

  2. CLEAR 90™: Clear 90™ can be applied as a foliar or ground treatment. When applied as a foliar treatment, apply only to the point of run-off, which means to spray plants only until they're thoroughly wet.  When applying as a ground treatment, apply throughout the root zone and 1/3 past the overall length of the plants limbs (canopy). Each 32oz hose end sprayer will cover up to 4000 sq. ft. of soil when sprayed through ground cover such as mulch or pine needles.

  3. BUGSOUT™: Use BugsOut™ as a non-toxic insect control that kills on contact. I recommend an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that involves inspecting crops, plants or structures for insect activity. When an infestation is located, treat only the areas affected and avoid spraying areas that have no activity. This IPM program practice helps protect beneficial insects.  BugsOut™ kills on contact and does not leave a toxic residue.  Beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and ladybugs are not affected when they enter the treated area.


At People’s Choice Organics, we’ve developed a complete mineralized organic program and feeding schedule for all of your trees and shrubs. Our Tree and Shrub Care Bundle of products has everything you need to keep your valuable trees and shrubs happy and healthy.  The Tree and Shrub Care Bundle includes one 2lb. container of Growzilla™ with estimated coverage of 32,000 sq. ft. at recommended rates of 1oz. product per gallon water, one gallon of Clear 90™ which has a coverage of 16,000 sq. ft. at recommended rates, and one 32oz. concentrate BugsOut™ that makes ten 32oz. trigger sprayers, or 2 ½ gallons of ready to use product. We also include a free 32oz. trigger sprayer. Products can be applied using a hand-held pump sprayer, backpack sprayer, dial-setting hose end sprayer, fertigation system or our free hose end sprayer included with each Tree & Shrub Care Bundle. Please see product labels for more specific application instruction and rates.

We recommend that you feed both soil and plants 3-4 times per year depending on the regular growing cycle in your location. Adjust our timetable to best suit your plants. The following timeline for treatments should fall within the prescribed months of our annual program, however timetables vary based on region and country.

SPRING:        February – May                       Growzilla™ & Clear 90™
SUMMER:      June – August                         Growzilla™ & Clear 90™
FALL:             September – November          Growzilla™ & Clear 90™

*We recommend the use of our organic, non-toxic insect control, BugsOut™ all year long on an as needed basis throughout your entire landscape.  BugsOut™ is a contact kill insect control that does not leave any toxic residue.


  • Be careful not to over amend your soil. If you use soil amendments when planting, it is best not to use more than a 10-20% of amendments to raw soil volume.
  • Create a better growing environment for your trees and shrubs by thinning out other plants that might be competing for water and vital nutrients.
  • When irrigating, do not allow water to fall directly onto plant leaves. This practice ultimately promotes plant disease and decline.
  • As plants become established, water only once per month or as needed.
  • Do not apply mulch directly to tree or bush trunks. Leave room for water to soak in and air to circulate. Do not apply more than 2-3 inches depth of mulch at any given time. For example, if you have 2 inches of old mulch in place, apply only 1 inch of new mulch.
  • Give plants room to grow naturally.
  • When pruning, always make clean cuts. Pruning damage weakens the plant and promotes an environment that insects and disease will flourish in.
  • Keep the plant clean year round by selectively pruning to remove all debris, and damaged or dead limbs.
  • Stay focused on soil health throughout the entire root zone and future root zones, not just the bed areas.
  • Inspect all plants, particularly bushes inside and out at least once a month.
  • Remove all limbs that may be coming into contact with or rubbing upon other limbs.
  • We do not recommend using core aeration machines in any application, particularly around tree and shrub root zones. This practice typically does more damage than good!

We at People’s Choice Organics understand how to give your plants everything they need to grow happy, healthy lives and thrive in your landscape. Our products, in combination with our annual feeding schedules will help restore the soil's ecosystem by providing beneficial plant hormones, beneficial bacteria, natural fungi, diverse organic matter, as well as macro and micronutrients. Be proactive!  Most trees and shrubs are living outside of their natural environment and depend on you to stay healthy!

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Environment!

Organically yours,

Billy Styles