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The Garden In A Box – All Natural

Billy Styles and People’s Choice Organics have the know how, the plan and the products for growing delicious, and nutritious organic vegetables!

    • Step 1: Please take a moment to read my thoughts on why it’s important to make organic gardening a part of your life.
    • Step 2: View and download Billy’s Organic Gardening Guide, a step-by-step guide that teaches you everything you need to know to grow delicious, healthy organic vegetables.
    • Step 3: Add Best Organic Turf Care Bundle to your shopping cart and get special bundle pricing discounts on every product you’ll need to successfully grow your organic garden!
    • Step 4: Go outside and get a little dirt under your fingernails! It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s a great family activity!

Food For Thought & Food For Health!

Truly healthy food and plants are grown in mineral rich soils containing diversified organic matter, carbon, beneficial bacteria, and fungi and are alive with abundant microbial activity. It’s taken our Master Gardener, Billy Styles, a lifetime of growing and gardening to perfect our superior advanced organic formulas. Best Organic Turf Care Bundle contains all the necessary elements for you to produce healthy and nutritious results as nature intended. Our products do not contain animal waste or by-products, nor do they contain any human bio sludge that you’ll find in most other organic formulas.

It’s All About the Soil Food Web!

The soil beneath our feet gives us food, which in turn creates and sustains life. Yet mankind has chosen to poison and deplete the soils of the earth through toxic chemicals that are in use everywhere around us. Have you ever taken a moment to read the ingredients that are in a bag of manmade fertilizer? Ever looked at the label on pesticides that you use to control insects in and around your home and garden? Ever actually read the ingredients in commercial weed killer?

It is a fact that a lot of these ingredients are toxic and can cause a host of illnesses in humans, yet we still continue to use them. Why? Because we are a culture that thrives on immediate gratification. We want it all and we want it NOW! For example, the synthetic fertilizer you use in your vegetable garden or on your lawn does nothing to promote soil or plant health. In fact, synthetic man-made fertilizers do more harm than good by making plants more susceptible to disease and insects, while also requiring more irrigation. So why do we keep using such toxic products? At least in the case of synthetic fertilizers, their use only creates a false illusion of plant health. Basically, your plants are on steroids. They may look good, but the appearance is a false representation of plant health.

You Did Listen To Your Mother Didn’t You?

When your mother used to say, “You are what you eat!” hopefully you listened, because she wasn’t kidding. Think about it. Pesticides that are used on the soil are also absorbed into plants and ultimately eaten by people. Taking Mom’s concept one step further, it’s also accurate to say, “You are what the plants eat!” This is a true statement! Over time, if you continue to eat foods that have been grown using toxic chemicals and pesticides (not to mention genetically altered foods) you are exposing yourself and your family to a host of potential health risks.

Food Security For Your Family

Prior to World War II, 40 percent of food in the United States was grown in the backyard gardens of America. It was only after WW II that people truly became dependent on the grocery store to provide their food. And by doing so, people also became dependent on a very fragile delivery method for supporting life. We’ve all heard how E Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella can quickly contaminate food supplies and how rapidly these foodborne illnesses can spread. What happens when the food supply chain is broken due to natural disaster and the grocery stores no longer have any food? We’ve seen glimpses of what this situation looks like on TV and it’s not very comforting.








Time To Take Control Of Your Own Food Chain

Now is the time to take control of your health, your food security, and the amount of toxic materials that you, your family, and pets are exposed to on a daily basis. Let’s educate ourselves about the products that we use every day around the home and family. There is no need to continue to poison the environment and ourselves when there are proven, safe non-toxic alternatives that provide equal or better results!

Billy’s Organic Gardening Guide

Let’s get started! We at People’s Choice Organics are your partners in growing everything better, organically! Simply view and download Billy’s Organic Gardening Guide and you’ll learn the Master Grower’s recipe for success, from selecting the site to preparing the soil, to planting, growing, and maintaining your own organic garden! Follow Billy’s step-by-step guide, and it won’t be long before you will be tasting Mother Nature’s delicious, nutritious vegetables from your own organic garden!

The Best Organic Turf Care Bundle

To help your garden grow, we’ve bundled together our best selling, easy to use, all organic, non-toxic products in the Best Organic Turf Care Bundle. Simply follow Billy’s Organic Gardening Guide and you will see and taste the goodness of growing organically.


The Best Organic Turf Care Bundle Includes:

* Jackhammer (Liquid Soil Aeration): Jackhammer’s primary focus is to loosen the soil so oxygen, nutrients, and water can permeate deep into the root zone. It also contains a seed accelerant that helps newly seeded lawns take root quicker and grow with better results.

* Growzilla (2 lb bucket) is an all-purpose organic garden fertilizer, plant super-food, and soil conditioner that your plants, shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens and turf grasses are going to love! Growzilla’s unique blend of soil-enriching minerals and bio-stimulants condition and activate the soil for healthy plant growth both above and below ground.

* Clear 90™ 2-0-3 (32 oz concentrate, makes 2.5 gallons or 10 32 oz bottles) is a nutrient rich proprietary formula that utilizes minerals mined from pure deep ocean water. Clear 90™ is recommended for easy use on all indoor and outdoor plant material, including lawns, pastures, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers.

Great Results:
By using all three products in The Best Organic Turf Care Bundle, systematically your garden will be healthier and your vegetables more nutritious. Plus, with BugsOut you can control insects in your vegetable garden, and all around your home in a safe non-toxic manner without the use of chemicals and harmful pesticides.

Added Value:
As a value added benefit, purchase The Best Organic Turf Care Bundle, which represents a 10 percent discount over the products being purchased separately, and we’ll include free shipping! You provide the seeds or plants and we’ll provide every product you’ll need in The Best Organic Turf Care Bundle to successfully grow and maintain your garden throughout the entire growing season.

Wouldn’t it give you comfort and peace of mind to know that your vegetables were grown using mineralized organics, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides that can potentially compromise your family’s health? Starting your own organic vegetable garden is also a great way to engage and teach your children about the food chain and the many health benefits associated with growing organically. It’s a great family oriented project that offers benefits on a number of different levels!

We’re Your Partners In Growing Organically!

At People’s Choice Organics, we believe in the concept of Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy You! We’re your partners in growing everything better, organically! Let us help you! Read our blogs, view our how-to videos, be sure to check out our website at, or even ask Billy Styles, the Master Grower himself a question via our online comment submission forms.

Now is the time is to start an all-organic vegetable garden and begin to reap the healthy, non-toxic benefits of being in control of your own food supply! Get Growing America!

Organically Yours,