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Preventing Lawn Disease & Brown Patch

How to Control Brown Patch & Lawn Disease

How to Control Brown Patch & Lawn Disease

There are many lawn diseases that can damage and destroy your lawn. Early detection and treatment is important.

When feeding your lawn I recommend using my organic and mineralization products for a healthy growing environment with less disease like mother nature intended. Understanding what promotes turf diseases and correcting and adjusting the conditions will also help you have a beautiful disease-free lawn year round. Remember that lawn diseases occur year round on warm and cool season lawns.

TIPS: There are many factors that contribute to lawn disease. You can’t control humidity, afternoon rain, or temperature… but there are factors that you can.

  • Sunny areas are more likely have outbreaks.
  • Don’t over or under water.
  • Do not over apply fertilizers with high rates of nitrogen. Use Clear 90 Mineralization (Coming Soon) and Growzilla.
  • Reduce soil compaction by feeding your soil. Use JACK HAMMER.
  • Keep lawn free of debris year round.
  • When seeding, it’s important not to apply to much seed (and be patient). This practice will restrict air flow causing grass to be more susceptible to disease outbreak.
  • Remove excessive clippings. Grass must be keep upright at all times.
  • When you water, do it between 5 & 8 am only OR don’t water that day!! … and apply 1 inch only every 7 to 10 days.
  • Do NOT mow in heat of day, or when lawn is under drought stress.
  • Disease can be transferred to lawn by mowing service, water flow, foot traffic etc.
  • Keep mower blades sharp. The rule of thumb is to sharpen your blades after one acre of mowing.
  • Always bag clippings, spring and fall.

Happy Gardening!!

Organically yours,

Billy Styles