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Softening Compacted Clay Soils in the Urban Landscape

Over 25 years ago, a customer and I were doing a detailed analysis of her landscape. Her soil was so compacted that it literally could not sustain any type of plant life for long. At one point, she looked at me and said, “Billy, it’s gonna take a Jackhammer to loosen this soil!”

That was my call to action many years ago! I accepted the challenge and developed my revolutionary product “Jackhammer Liquid Soil Aeration” that not only aerates your soil, but also creates a nutrient and oxygen-rich soil structure for everything you grow, from turf, trees, and shrubs to flowers and vegetable gardens! This soil conditioner will soften hard, compacted clay soils and adds humus and other organic matter to sandy soil. Jackhammer is a great solution for both clay and sandy soils.


Soil Conditioner

All landscapes cared for with People’s Choice Organics products Jackhammer, Clear 90 & Growzila.

I created Jackhammer Liquid Soil Aeration to accomplish what mechanical core aeration simply cannot do! Jackhammer’s primary focus is to support and correct soil compaction by building soil health! The #1 problem growers in the urban landscape face today are hard compacted soils that restrict the free movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the subsoil. If oxygen, water, and nutrients cannot permeate into the soil, plants cannot develop a deep and healthy root system.

Compaction also does not allow the natural cycle of soil life known as the “soil food web” to flourish. Jackhammer helps restore soil tilth throughout the top and subsoils increasing natural microbial activity. Microbial activity is vital to good soil health because it helps open up and improve soil aggregation that will improve drainage, oxygen movement, water infiltration, improved root biomass, healthy microfloral (ie: beneficial bacteria and fungi) while also improving the water holding capacity of the soil. Jackhammer can reduce the need for supplemental irrigation by up to 75 percent.

If you could do nothing else to your landscape to allow it to grow healthy vibrant plants, I would recommend that you use my product Jackhammer Liquid Soil Aeration year round! Then, if you really want to supercharge your organically grown landscape, trees, shrubs, lawn, or vegetable garden, use Jackhammer in combination with my other superior organic products, Clear 90 and Growzilla. Use these soil conditioning products as directed and you will see a positive difference in your landscape, providing a healthy vibrant urban soil that will sustain healthy vibrant plants......just like Mother Nature Intended!

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Life !

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