Plant & Soil Health

Our organic Plant & Soil Health Include:

Amazon Soil™ is a 100% true organic plant health food formula that will give you amazing results because it actually restores the critical minerals and nutrients the soil needs to sustain healthy growth. [More..]

JackHammer™ breaks heavy soil by addressing both physical and biological aspects of compaction, releasing nutrients to plants through soil crumbling and increased microbial activity. [More..]

Growzilla™ is the safe and easy-to-use, all-purpose plant food and soil conditioner that promotes long-term health for your lawn & garden — and for you! [More..]

Clear90™ 2-0-3 for lawn & garden is an all natural plant nutrient designed for easy use on all outdoor plant material including lawns, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers. [More..]

Turf Care Bundle includes Jackhammer™, Growzilla™ and Clear90™ in a systematic turf care regimen which creates a balanced fertility and nutrient rich program that feeds both your lawn and the soil. And it’s totally organic!  Don't forget to download our Turf Care Program! [More..]

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