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Why Jackhammer Is The Best Product For Your Landscape:

  • Compacted soil cannot sustain life! Jackhammer softens the soil to allow increased oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone
  • Jackhammer can help reduce the need for supplemental irrigation by 75%
  • Jackhammer is packed with plant loving sea kelp, humic and fulvic acid, beneficial carbon, and creates a sustainable, healthy soil structure that attracts earthworms, humus and microbial activity
  • Cost to apply Jackhammer to 5000 sq ft of your lawn, shrubs, trees, landscape or vegetable garden is about $8.90 per application


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JackHammer™ Liquid Soil Aeration

  • All natural, organic ingredients.
  • Available sizes cover from 8,000 up to 80,000 sq ft

    JackHammer™ breaks heavy soil by addressing both physical and biological aspects of compaction, releasing nutrients to plants through soil crumbling, and increased microbial activity.

    Hard, compacted soil is no match for JackHammer™!

    It’s all about creating a rich soil environment that promotes growth and enhances microbial activity! You might be doing everything else right, but compacted soil will eventually ruin your plant’s day! A compacted soil structure does not allow necessary oxygen, nutrients, and water to freely flow through the soil substructure, essentially choking out the potential for growth. Compacted soils often stay soggy when wet, increasing the opportunity for diseases to take hold, while weakening the plant and its root system. With a lack of rain and during the summer, compacted soils become like concrete making it impossible for beneficial microorganisms and root systems to survive.

    Think of Jackhammer™ as a humus building “therapy” for your soil! Increased soil oxygen is second only to fertilization and is one of the secrets to making everything else grow better. But this organic soil conditioner goes beyond that. Jackhammer’s™ premium formula penetrates deep into the soil to improve texture and structure while also softening the soil so roots can flourish. When increased oxygen levels are available in the soil, humus-building microbes can thrive, creating a rich, sustainable, living soil structure, just the way Mother Nature intended. Jackhammer™ contains Sea Kelp, Humic, and Fulvic acid as well as beneficial carbon. These ingredients combine to help stimulate root growth and the creation of humus, a nutrient-rich soil structure.

    With this organic soil conditioner, you can aerate a typical size yard in an hour or less instead of an entire afternoon without the hassle of using a mechanical aeration machine. Mechanical aeration is not the answer! It’s a hassle; it’s time-consuming, introduces weeds into your lawn and can damage roots and irrigation systems as well. The truth is, mechanical aeration creates only short-term results; while Jackhammer™ provides deep feeding nutrients to the soil, promoting long-term results. This product really works and is simple to use with our free hose end sprayer! Why fight with hard, compacted soil? Our organic soil conditioner is easy — just spray it on and let the all-natural ingredients do the work!

    After loosening the soil, JackHammer™ really gets to work:

    • Improves chelation of bound nutrients in the soil
    • Increases nutrient uptake
    • Improves nutrient and water retention
    • Accelerates plant cell division, promoting growth
    • Increases seed germination and viability
    • Improves root formation and respiration

    JackHammer is great for sandy soil, too. It adds humus to the soil, improving nutrient and water retention to keep you plants healthy and happy.

    Available Sizes:

    Brown-Knee Points:

    • Apply once every 30 days for severe compaction; every 60 days for moderate compaction
    • Use quick, sweeping motions for even coverage
    • Once soil conditions improve, use quarterly or 2-3 times per year
    • 32 oz of mixed solution covers 8,000 sq ft




    • Total Nitrogen (N) .............................................0.08%
    • 0.08% Water Soluble Nitrogen
    • Soluble Potash (K2O) ............................................1%
    • Iron (Fe ............................................................ 0.04%
    • Zinc (Zn) .....................................................<0.0001%

    Derived from:

    • Ascophyllum nodosum
    • Potassium hydroxide
    • Potassium humate



    • 7.5% Humic Acid (derived from subbituminous coal)
    • 2.5% Sea Kelp (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum)
    • 90% Total Other Ingredients