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What Makes Us Better?

What Makes Us Better?

What makes us better? Quite simply, it’s because we want to make you better.

We want you to become a better more knowledgeable grower while being mindful of the environment too. The goal is to create an online destination at People’s Choice where anyone who is interested can come and learn the secrets of a fifth generation master grower that is willing to share his knowledge for all who are interested.teach people how to grow

Billy’s philosophy for this company is to freely teach what has been taught to him, to teach what has been handed down through the generations before him as a farmer, master grower and research scientist. To teach people how to grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers that deplete the soils of the world. freely teachTo give to those who are interested, an invaluable education on how to grow the best vegetables you’ll ever taste, grow luscious lawns, landscapes and houseplants, or how to control weeds and insects in and around your home without the use of toxic chemicals. If we happen to sell some of our world-class organic products in the meantime, that’s OK too….but our commitment goes far beyond simply making a sale.


Sounds good…but how do we do it?

We do it one grower at a time, by not only creating technologically advanced, next generation organic products, but also by teaching the gardening enthusiast the benefits of creating a sustainably healthy soil that will grow some of the most luscious lawns, landscapes and vegetables you have ever seen, just the way Mother Nature intended!

We invite you to use People’s Choice Organics as a valuable resource tool. Find out what works and what doesn’t from Billy and other experts in the field. Review our products, learn what other people think of them, watch our “how to” video’s, read our blogs and see for yourself why People’s Choice Organics should be your online destination for the best organic products available today.