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Cinge™ Weed & Grass Killer

  • Non-selective weed control.
  • All natural, organic ingredients. Fast acting – kills on contact.
  • Safe to use around lakes, rivers, ponds, and other watersheds
  • 100% Kid & Pet Safe.

Cinge™ is the only non-selective,  post emergent, weed and grass killer that you will ever need, and its non-toxic 100% organic! Cinge™ made with the fiery effects of cinnamon oil, is the fast acting 100% organic, non-selective weed killer that is specifically formulated to out perform all other natural herbicides. Testing has proven that Cinge™ just as effective as synthetic herbicides, but gets the job done quicker and doesn’t damage the environment.

With Cinge™ you don’t have to worry about the product leaching into waterways, creeks or lakes and harming the aquatic environment like other chemical herbicides.

Use Cinge™ as a spot treatment in vegetable gardens, flower beds, walkways, container plants, patios, fence lines, pastures, driveways or anywhere you want to control unwanted weeds or grasses.

Safe to use around edible garden plants!

Available Sizes:

Brown-Knee Points:

    • Apply in temperatures between 60°F and 85°F
    • Apply in early morning or late afternoon
    • Do not apply if rain is expected
    • Wait 24 hours between subsequent treatments
    • Treated areas can be planted within hours of treatment.
    • Cinge™ is rain fast four hours after treatment.
    • Will not stain concrete, patios or brick.
    • Children and pets can return to treated areas as soon as Cinge™ application is dry.


  What Billy Says

“Why have we for generations poisoned our soils and ourselves, just to get rid of weeds? Studies from around the world have shown conclusive data that products like glyphosate, that is included in the product Roundup, and 2,4-D, contained in the herbicide “Agent Orange” and many other broadleaf weed controls, are toxic to our environment and our health. It is not necessary to poison ourselves or our environment simply to kill weeds. That’s why, I created Cinge™ a organic, non-toxic weed and grass killer that is safe to use around your kids, pets, and vegetable gardens without poisoning man, our water, or our environment.”

Organically yours,
Billy Styles

Active Ingredients

  • Cinnamon oil 0.05%
  • Thyme oil 0.05%
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate 0.05%

    Other Ingredients

    • Soap, lecithins, glycerin, water 99.85%