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Garden in a Box - Bundle


Organic Garden in a Box with FREE trigger sprayer for BugsOut™ and free shipping.  Represents a 10% savings over the price of the products if sold separately.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1/2 cubic foot (in a 336 oz container) of Amazon Soil™
  • 2 lbs of Growzilla™ makes up to 128 gallons of mixed product that will treat up to 64,000 sq ft
  • 32 oz concentrate  Clear90™ 2-0-3 (hose end) treats up to 32,000 sq ft
  • 32 oz concentrate of BugsOut™ (makes 10 trigger sprayer bottles)
  • FREE trigger sprayer for BugsOut™

Product Description:

*Amazon Soil™ (1/2 cubic foot container) is a soil additive packed with ingredients that help restore the earth’s natural soil, Amazon Soil is a 100% organic soil conditioner that’s like a multi-vitamin for your garden!

*Growzilla™ is an all-purpose fertilizer, plant super-food and soil conditioner that your plants, shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens and turf grasses are going to love! Growzilla’s unique blend of soil enriching minerals and bio-stimulants condition and activate the soil for healthy plant growth both above and below ground.

*Clear90™ 2-0-3 is nutrient rich proprietary formula that utilizes minerals mined from pure deep ocean water. Clear 90™ is recommended for easy use on all indoor and outdoor plant material, including vegetables, lawns, shrubs and flowers.

*BugsOut™ (32 oz concentrate, makes 10 - 32 oz trigger spray bottles) is a 100% organic, ingenious contact insecticide that is non-toxic to you, your kids, and your pets.  BugOut does not leave any harmful residue on vegetable and fruits.  If you have an insect problem — but an even bigger problem with harmful insecticides — it’s time to “BugOut™!”

Great Results:

By using all four of these products systematically in our Organic Garden in a Box your garden will be healthier throughout the entire growing season, more resistant to disease, require less watering and grow more nutritious fruits and vegetables.  

As a value added benefit, purchase the Garden in a Box and receive a 10% discount over the products sold separately, and free shipping!  Plus, as an extra bonus, we will also include a 32oz trigger spray bottle for our organic non-toxic contact insect controller BugsOut™ absolutely free!

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