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Outta Here!™

Outta Here!™ Deer and Rabbit Repellent

  • All natural, organic ingredients.
  • Repels deer up to five weeks and rabbit up to nine weeks.
  • No foul odor!!!
  • Harmless to plants, environmentally friendly, leaves no toxic residue
  • Stops deer and rabbits before the first bite!
  • 100% Kid & Pet Safe.

Outta Here!™ can be used virtually anywhere you need effective, immediate deer and rabbit protection!  Our non-toxic formula is especially formulated to be used on fruits and vegetables. 

Whether it’s for the home lawn and landscape, vegetable gardens, farms or professional and commercial applications, Outta Here!™ is the one repellant that effectively repels both deer and rabbit by scent alone, without producing an offensive odor.   Our uniquely scented products stops deer and rabbits before the first bite! 

Outta Here!™ is a 100% PCO certified organic product that is also completely safe to use around kids, pets, vegetable gardens and food crops.

This product was developed through years of extensive research and testing. Independent laboratory studies show Outta Here! out-performs the leading repellants.

Deer and Rabbit find the trigger scent in Outta Here!™ naturally offensive, so rotating this product with other repellants is not necessary. Completely safe to use around kids, pets and watersheds and leaves no toxic residue.

Available Sizes:

Brown-Knee Points:

  • Year round organic deer and rabbit repellant
  • Harmless to plants, environmentally friendly, leaves no toxic residue.
  • Use throughout your entire landscape or on any plant where protection is desired
  • Rain resistant once dry
  • Spray in mornings and evenings for best results.


  What Billy Says...

Deer and rabbit are opportunistic feeders that can and will destroy your landscape in a matter of minutes. If you do not break their grazing and feeding habits they will revisit your landscape, flowers, and vegetable gardens every day looking for a meal until there is nothing left. That’s why I created Outta Here!™ a scent based repellant that will stop both rabbit and deer before their first bite! Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients:
  • Mint oil 0.92%
  • Thyme oil 0.03%
  • Cottonseed oil 0.002%
  • Inert Ingredients: Soap, Polyglyceryl oleate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerin, Lecithin, Myristic Acid, Water 99.048%
  • Total 100.00%

    EPA #85916-NC-002

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