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Best Organic Turf Care Bundle

Turf Care Bundle Attributes:

  • To have a beautiful lawn, you must first have healthy soil! People’s Choice Organics Best Organic Turf Care Bundle is comprised of 3 superior, all organic products; Jackhammer, Growzilla and Clear90 working in harmony to create a vibrant, non-toxic growing environment that begins by promoting healthy soil!
  • Jackhammer: Liquid Soil Aeration: Jackhammer’s primary focus is to loosen the soil so oxygen, nutrients and water can permeate deep into the root zone. It also contains a seed accelerant that helps newly seeded lawns take root quicker and grow with better results.
  • Growzilla: Everything you grow, grows better with Growzilla! Growzilla’s unique formulation of humic and fulvic acids, complex bio carbon, sea kelp, and mycorrhizae fungi is the perfect soil and plant food nutrient for creating a rich, sustainable growing environment.
  • Clear90: Remineralizes the soil! This supercharged all natural liquid fertilizer features deep ocean water minerals that are blended to create an environmentally friendly plant food nutrient, perfect for use on everything you grow.
  • The Best Turf Care Bundle is recommended as a part of People’s Choice Organics Turf Care Program: Follow our recommendations in the Turf Care Program and have the best looking yard on the block!

Best Organic Turf Care Bundle

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Have the best lawn on the block with organic grass fertilizer and this Turf Care Bundle.

  • At People’s Choice Organics, we make it easy to have the healthiest lawn with our all-organic grass fertilizer and Turf Care Program!
  • Using Jackhammer™, Growzilla™, and Clear90™ in a systematic turf care regimen, this creates a balanced fertility and nutrient-rich program that feeds both your lawn and the soil.
  • The organic grass fertilizer is totally organic! No toxic chemicals, so it’s completely safe to use around kids, pets, and aquatic environments.
    The Turf Care Bundle includes enough Jackhammer™, Growzilla™, and Clear90™ to provide up to 4-8,000 sq ft treatments for your lawn, with enough Growzilla™ left over to condition, fertilize, and treat the soil of an additional 32,000 sq ft of lawn, shrub, trees, flower beds, or vegetable garden!
    Cost to apply all three products; Jackhammer, Growzilla and Clear90 on a 5000 sq. ft. lawn is less than $25 per application. Plus, you are building healthy soil that will also sustain plant life and health. Great for use on all plant material including trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetable gardens, container plants as well as warm and cool season grasses.

    By using all three of these products systematically in our Turf Care Program, your lawn will be healthier throughout the entire growing season, more resistant to disease, require less irrigation, and look better than ever…even in the heat of summer!

    Download our Step By Step Turf Care Program