Turf Care Bundle

Turf Care Bundle

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At People’s Choice Organics, we make it easy to have the healthiest, best-looking lawn on the block with our all-organic Turf Care Program! Using Jackhammer™, Growzilla™ and Clear90™ in a systematic turf care regimen creates a balanced fertility and nutrient rich program that feeds both your lawn and the soil. And it’s totally organic! No toxic chemicals, so it’s completely safe to use around kids, pets and aquatic environments. *The Turf Care Bundle includes enough Jackhammer™, Growzilla™ and Clear90™ to provide up to 4-8,000 sq ft treatments for your lawn, with enough Growzilla™ left over to condition, fertilize and treat the soil of an additional 32,000 sq ft of lawn, shrub, trees, flower beds, or vegetable garden!

The Turf Care Bundle Includes:

*Jackhammer™ Liquid Soil Aeration is a revolutionary product that feeds and softens the soil while also easing compaction so roots can flourish. Jackhammer™ is also a cost effective, convenient alternative to core aeration.


*Growzilla™ is an all-purpose fertilizer, plant super-food and soil conditioner that your plants, shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens and turf grasses are going to love! Growzilla’s™ unique blend of soil enriching minerals and bio-stimulants condition and activate the soil for healthy plant growth both above and below ground.

*Clear90™ 2-0-3 is nutrient rich proprietary formula that utilizes minerals mined from pure deep ocean water. Clear 90™ is recommended for easy use on all indoor and outdoor plant material, including lawns, pastures, vegetables, shrubs and flowers.

Great Results:

By using all three of these products systematically in our Turf Care Program your lawn will be healthier throughout the entire growing season, more resistant to disease, require less irrigation and look better than ever…even in the heat of summer!